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Future Energy Asia’s conference will deliver both a robust commercial and technical conference agenda that delivers expert global and local speakers examining themes including:

  • The Future Energy Mix to 2030: how ASEAN nations can create a roadmap for sustainable, secure and safe energy provisions.
  • The Key Role for Natural Gas, LNG & LPG to Deliver Clean, Secure Energy: as part of an efficient, carbon-friendly energy package that provides balance and reliability.
  • Driving New Production & Increasing Efficiency from Oil & Gas Assets:  stimulating new investment and production in E&P assets.
  • The Future Role for Coal in a Low-Carbon World – Delivering a Sustainable, Clean & Affordable Fuel Mix: understanding the critical role carbon capture & storage (CCS) technology can play in benefiting coal.
  • Renewable Technology Advances & Developing Thai & Asian Infrastructure Networks:  developing & investing in solar and wind infrastructure projects successfully.
  • Future Global Cities: welcoming examples of international cities and their Mayors to discuss increasing efficiency, technology interconnection, smarter transport systems.
  • Building Cooperation for Sustainable National Growth: sharing of international policy frameworks to develop sustainably-powered yet economically-advanced nations.
  • Supporting Small-Scale Renewable Energy Projects: how to better encourage, regulate and finance smaller community-based energy production projects in Asia.
  • Advancing Energy Efficiency Across the Value Chain: improving access and affordability for industry and consumers.
  • Insight into Disruptive Technologies Rewriting the Energy Landscape: capitalising on the latest advances in production, processing, power generation and mobility.
  • Next Generation Power Connectivity: balancing large-scale utility infrastructure with distributed power and the advent of the prosumer.