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The Conference

Future Energy Asia’s core conference themes reflect today’s energy mix in Asia; driven by fossil fuels, contributing over 70 percent of primary energy demand.

Presenting a practical approach to sustainable energy ambitions, and recognising the important role natural gas will play as a preferred transition fuel on journey towards a low-carbon future, Future Energy Asia will bring together traditionally siloed but increasingly connected industries together in one global meeting place.

Future Energy Asia’s three-day conference is the perfect platform for the region’s policy makers; its NOCs and IOCs; national utility companies and IPPs; clean-tech providers; engineering contractors; and financiers to foster a secure, affordable and low-carbon energy mix across Asia.

The Conference Agenda Will Fundamentally Examine Themes Around:

  • What will the energy mix in Asia look like in 2030?
  • Understanding the key role for natural gas, LNG and LPG to deliver clean, secure and affordable energy?
  • What are the drivers of new production in oil and gas assets?
  • What role does coal play in a low-carbon world?
  • What more can be done to support the growth of solar and wind markets in Asia?
  • How will energy be consumed in global cities of tomorrow?
  • What are the industry-shaping international policies moving Asian energy markets?
  • What does it take to effectively encourage, regulate and finance smaller, community-based energy projects in Asia?
  • Where are the opportunities to advance energy efficiency across the value chain?
  • How are disruptive technologies rewriting the energy landscape?
  • What does “next generation power connectivity” look like and where are the projects?
  • What are the key strategies adopted by Asian nations as they transition from energy exporters to energy importers?