The infrastructure investments required to build and integrate new energy across ASEAN markets requires new innovative partnerships.

Welcome Remarks – Accelerating Energy Transitions
Dr. Twarath Sutabutr, Inspector General, Ministry of Energy Thailand
Developing Energy Transition Investment Opportunities in Gas, LNG and Renewables

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Building Growth Partnerships for Energy Security and the Energy Transition
Profound Insights of RE Grid Integration in Access to ASEAN Grid Connectivity
Patana Sangsriroujana, Deputy Governor, Strategy, EGAT
PANEL – Friend or Foe? Charting the Rise of Intra-Regional ASEAN LNG Trading with a Global Footprint

ASEAN is building new LNG Terminals and is expected to be a major LNG importing region. Destination-free terms have been regarded as the game changer allowing for a more liquid and spot-oriented market. How will these trends impact the development LNG Hubs being set up across our region?

Thanasis Kofinakos, VP, Head of Gas and LNG Consulting APAC, Wood Mackenzie
Joseph Tomkiewicz, Partner & Co-Chair, Tilleke & Gibbins
Rajnish Goswani, General Manager – LNG Marketing, Total Mozambique LNG
Momoyo Yuki, Senior Manager of Business Development Group, Commercial Office for Overseas Department, JAPEX
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PANEL – Innovations in LNG Regasification Terminals and the LNG Value Chain

The LNG hub model focused on building value-adding services, is emerging as the new go-to strategy with plans for new LNG terminals popping up all over ASEAN markets. Given the huge cost and project complexity, how can project sponsors exercise improved asset utilization and agile value chain management?

Imam Mul Akhyar, Division Head of LNG Global Venture,, PT PGN
Stephane Maillard, General Manager, GTT South East Asia
Wuttikorn Stithit, Senior Executive VP, Gas Business, PTT Group
Nibong Ungkurapinan, Head of Civil and Coastal Engineering Department, EGAT
Abhishek Rohatgi, LNG Analyst, BloombergNEF
Global Energy Partnerships – Canada and ASEAN Future Energy Opportunities

With its deep natural gas reserves, extensive coastline, and relative proximity to Asian markets, Canada is naturally positioned to become a LNG supply leader to ASEAN markets. New greenfield LNG projects are attracting Asian investors and these partnerships are forging new opportunities for Canadian LNG business.

Brent Willey, Director of USA and International Operations, Iconic Energy Services
Shawn Denstedt Q.C., Vice Chair, Western Canada and Partner, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
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Lessons from Global LNG to Power Investments
Bryan Tsang, VP Vietnam, AES Corporation
Taking a Position in the ASEAN Energy Transition
Nicholas Routledge, Managing Director, Aibel Thailand
Developing Gas to Power Projects in the Philippines
Building LNG to Power Partnerships in Asia
Nobuyuki Higashi, VP, Global Energy Marketing, Corporate Strategy and Planning, INPEX
First Gen’s LNG-to-Power Projects in the Philippines
PANEL – Creating a Clean Fuel Mix and the Impact on LNG-to-Power Business Models and Renewable Power

LNG is the new kid on the block for a clean base power strategy. While LNG is certainly attractive from the decarbonising perspective, implementing the strategy is expensive and dependent upon LNG prices remaining low against the other options. Some question whether building the LNG infrastructure is sensible given the surge in more cost-effective renewable power.

Ranee Kositvanich, Assistant Governor - Fuel Management, EGAT
Harry Whitaker, Advisor, Gas and Power Market Development and Regulatory Affairs, Royal Dutch Shell
James Ooi, Partner, The Lantau Group
Victor Choi, SVP, Business Development, Marubeni Asian Power
Asheesh Sastry, Partner & MD, Oil & Gas, Boston Consulting Group
Saar Ben-Attar, Director, Ascent Growth Partners
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PANEL: Myanmar Spotlight: Electricity for All and New Opportunities in LNG-to-Power and Renewables
Daniel Wiedmer, Unit Head for Greater Mekong Region, Private Sector Infrastructure Finance, Asian Development Bank
Natruedee Khositaphai, Executive VP, Strategy and Business Development Group, PTTEP
Charles Magdelaine, Head of Energy & Infrastructure, VDB Loi
Tony Segadelli, MD & Chief Engineer, OWL Energy
PANEL: Vietnam Spotlight: Rapid Energy Developments to Support Economic Growth – LNG-to-Power, Renewables and the Energy Transition
John Rockhold, Country Director, Energy Capital Vietnam
Ian Nguyen, MD, Origination and Government Relations, Delta Offshore Energy
Doanh Chau, President, Vietnam Gas Group
Mangesh Patankar, Director, Gas and LNG Consulting, Wood Mackenzie
End of Day Two