According to the International Energy Agency, investment of US$1.2 trillion is needed worldwide in low-carbon hydrogen is needed this decade to bring us to net-zero missions, with Asia playing a vital role in the hydrogen supply chain.

Hailed as the ideal solutions for net zero vision, hydrogen is well placed at Future Energy Asia as transformative solutions to decarbonisation. The zone will feature the exciting next-generation hydrogen technologies, R&D advances, and game changing hydrogen products, services, and solutions.

Topics to be discussed at Future Energy Asia:

Strategic Summit

  • Special Address: Championing Hydrogen Economy Pathways towards Net Zero
  • Blue Hydrogen In Focus: The Low Hanging Fruit for Net Zero Pathway? Challenges and Opportunities
  • Green Hydrogen Spotlight: Examining Regulatory Support, Renewables Projects, Technologies and Value Chain Development

Technical Conference Programme

  • Panel: ASEAN & low-carbon hydrogen
  • Panel: Making hydrogen economy possible with low-cost tech
  • Hydrogen: the future of energy storage?
  • Hydrogen in city gas mix and its impact
  • Recent advancements in electrolysis technologies
  • Should blue hydrogen replace natural gas?
  • Developing the supply chain of hydrogen fuel
  • Case study: hydrogen pilot/testbed and lessons learned
  • Blue hydrogen case study – considerations, challenges and solutions
  • Green hydrogen via wind projects
  • Case study: green hydrogen powered by solar PV
  • Potential of green steel driven by green hydrogen