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15-17 May 2024
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand

Future Energy Asia's Technical Conference sessions will explore the technical and engineering challenges behind the biggest issues of the day, and promote the ideas that are driving efficiencies, synergies, and supporting industry-wide decarbonisation efforts.

The conference streams will provide a unique pan-energy platform for experts to share their best ideas and discuss their vision for the future of the sector.

Submit your abstracts before 29 September 2023 for your chance to showcase your business alongside your peers and competitors.

Chosen papers and presenters will showcase innovations and success case studies to more than 8,000+ key decision makers actively leading Asia's Energy Transition projects.



  • Present your technical knowledge and experience globally to industry colleagues
  • Validate ideas and gather feedback
  • Raise your company's technical profile
  • Network with over 18,000+ global energy and mobility professionals


The Technical Conference will address key industry themes delivered by technical experts covering over 50 important topics across three days. Each of the topics represents innovative case studies with actionable insights. Key themes at Future Energy Asia’s Technical Conference include:

Gas & LNG Processing, Operations & Technology
Power Generation & Grid Modernisation
Transmission & Distribution
Hydrogen & Ammonia: Production & Development
Hydrogen & Ammonia : Storage, transportation & End-Use
Alternative Fuels & Renewables Development & Technology
Energy Storage & Grid Integration
Refining & Petrochemicals Technology, Operations & Marketing
Energy Policy, Economics & Financing
People Development
Health & Safety
Digital Transformation & Emerging Technologies
Operational Excellence



  • 1. Building LNG, LNG-to-Power Infrastructure

    • The opportunities and costs of LNG as transition fuel
    • Prospects of LNG-to-power in Asia emerging markets
    • Small scale LNG projects
    • LNG-to-power: Turning projects into realities
    • FSRU vs Land-based terminal
    • Legal landscape of LNG-to-power in Asia emerging markets
    • Financing LNG-to-power projects
    • LNG bunkering and its role in decarbonizing the marine sector
    • Floating LNG-to-power solutions

  • 3. Hydrogen

    • Hydrogen: The future of energy storage?
    • Hydrogen in city gas mix and its impact

    • Recent advancements in electrolysis technologies

    • Should blue hydrogen replace natural gas?

    • Developing the supply chain of hydrogen fuel

    • Case study: Hydrogen piloting/testbed and lessons learned

    • Blue hydrogen case study – Considerations, challenges & solutions

    • Green hydrogen via wind projects

    • Case study: Green hydrogen powered by solar PV

    • Potential of green steel powered by green hydrogen

    • Ammonia production from renewable power

    • Turning grey ammonia production sites to blue ammonia production

  • 5. Power Gen

    • Energy security and backup power generation
    • CHP and improved energy efficiency

    • Onsite gas and diesel technologies

    • Scalable microgrid solutions

    • The role of gas power plants in ASEAN’s energy transition

    • Case study: mixing hydrogen in gas turbine to reduce emissions

    • Case study: hybrid renewable and gas power plants

    • Raising efficiency of combined cycle gas power plants

    • Feasible alternatives – Turning decommissioned heavy oil fuel power plants to gas power plants

  • 7. Data Centres & Large Energy Users

    • Raising data center power consumption efficiency
    • Innovative power monitoring tools for data centers

    • Data centers & virtual PPAs

    • Data centers & renewable energy certificates (RECs)

    • Increasing data center reliability with new battery tech

    • Providing uninterrupted power to data centers with gas turbines

    • Innovative data center cooling technologies

    • Case study: Recycling waste heat from data centers with intelligent solutions

    • 2. Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

      • Regulatory frameworks necessary to spur industry confidence and actions on CCS
      • Case study: Scaling up a CCUS project

      • Game-changer CO2 capture technologies

      • New technologies in CO2 utilization and/or storage

      • Innovations in CO2 transportation methods

      • Leveraging oil and gas reservoirs for capturing carbon

      • Floating CCS solution

      • Direct air capture CCS solutions

      • Building a commercial business model for CCS/CCUS project

    • 4. Developing Solar & Renewable Projects

        • The future of floating PV in Southeast Asia

        • Case study: Rooftop solar in C&I setting

        • Driving solar panel innovation with new materials

        • Solar plus battery storage project financing

        • The rise of agrivoltaics and applications for ASEAN

        • BIPV – The next wave of solar application and innovations

        • Case study: Hybrid solar deployment

        • Zero emission gas power plants

        • Innovations in wind turbine technology

        • Innovations in energy storage tech & materials

        • Energy storage for the micro-grid

        • Bioenergy & the clean energy transition

    • 6. Digital Tools, Smart Grid

      • Digital twin applications in the power sector
      • Big data in the digital power plant

      • Enhancing energy efficiency with digital tools

      • Digitizing power plant maintenance

      • Virtual reality (VR) application in the power plant

      • Advancing grid management with digital tools

      • Accelerating smart grid development with new transformer tech

      • AI & the smart grid

      • Application of smart metering & demand response in Southeast Asia

      • Preparing our grid for a decentralized & bi-directional future

      • Advanced metering infrastructure

      • Cybersecurity