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Speaker Name

Marc Allen

Technical Director


Marc is a chemical engineer, specialising in greenhouse gas (GHG) and energy management, sustainability and renewable energy, with 20 years’ experience in a wide variety of roles and industries. Marc is currently Singapore based and through his company, engeco, helps businesses understand the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and develop climate change strategy. Prior to founding engeco, Marc spent many years working in greenhouse gas and energy management as the GHG technical manager for a multinational oil company, and for Australia's largest specialist energy and greenhouse gas advisory consultancy.

He also worked in the area of hydrogen supply chain and was an integral member of the project team for a hydrogen fuel cell bus project in Perth from 2004 – 2007 – and was production manager of a large steam methane reformer plant in remote Western Australia. He is a committee member of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Circular Economy Committee, is co-chair of Singapore’s National Mirror Committee working on circular economy standards and guidance and speaks regularly on circular economy and its intersection with climate change mitigation and adaptation.