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7-9 MAY 2025
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand
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Connect with energy professionals at the forefront of shaping Southeast Asia’s energy future. Future Energy Asia and Future Mobility Asia are is your opportunity to engage with companies investing in change from across the entire energy spectrum - from innovative tech startups to influential policymakers and global industry leaders. Participating gives you access to a broad and influential audience profile. Prepare to expand your network, explore new partnerships, and gain unparalleled access to the businesses shaping the future energy sector.  



Including a diverse mix of professionals across various sectors of the energy industry.



Comprising industry leaders, decision-makers, and influencers from around the world.



Renowned experts in their fields, leading discussion and providing insights


Energy Producers and Suppliers

Major producers from the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors, including companies focused on solar, wind, and bioenergy.

Technology Providers

Innovators in energy technology, including smart grid, AI, and energy efficiency solutions.

Financial Institutions

Banks, investment firms, and venture capitalists who specialise in energy financing and green investments.

Infrastructure Companies

Organisations involved in the construction and maintenance of energy infrastructure such as pipelines, electric grids, and transportation.

Government and Regulatory Bodies

Policymakers, regulatory officials, and representatives from energy ministries and departments.

Consultancies and Advisory Firms

Experts in energy policy, market analysis, and environmental consulting


ASEAN Countries

Strong representation from all ASEAN member states, with significant participation expected from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam due to their active roles in regional energy issues.

Global Participation

Attendees from key global markets such as Europe, the USA, Japan and China, reflecting the international interest in ASEAN’s energy market and its development prospects.

Sector Representation

A balanced representation from traditional energy sectors (oil, natural gas, LNG, and coal) as well as rapidly growing renewable sectors (hydrogen, solar, wind, hydro).

Professional Levels

A wide range of professional levels, from technical experts and operational staff to C-level executives and senior government officials.

Interest Areas

Participants are particularly interested in sustainable development, investment opportunities, technological innovations, and strategic partnerships within the energy sector.