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7-9 May 2025
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand
7-9 May 2025, QSNCC, Bangkok
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The Thai Sugar and Bio-Energy Producers Association (TSEA) formally known as the Thai Sugar Manufacturing Association (TSMA) was established on September 6, 1971 by a group of sugar millers.

Our goals are to support producing and selling of sugar, assisting members to overcome their obstacles. Forging a close cooperation and strong tie among members are also our priority. Working closely with other private and public organizations to enhance our roles is one of our missions. Throughout 40 years of operation, the association has been representing members in working with government agencies to develop cane and sugar industries. Thailand is now the world second biggest sugar exporting nation after Brazil. TSEA won an Outstanding Trade Association award given by the Ministry of Commerce on 2006, 2014,2015 and 2016.

Amid current international businesses dynamism, Association’s members have extended their product lines to others including particle board, bio-fertilizer and more importantly electricity and ethanol. The move to substitute energy is in response to government’s policy of promoting the use of substitute energy to ease the country’s dependent on imported oil. Switching to ethanol, blending with gasoline, saves enormous amount of foreign reserve as well as generated income to rural families. To cope with challenges in the changing business environment, the association, on August 31, 2007, has changed the name to the Thai Sugar and Bio-Energy Producers Association (TSEA).