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15-17 May 2024
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand

All India Association of Industries (AIAI) has been constantly striving to promote and project the MSMEs and their contribution to economic growth. In our endeavour to consolidate our strengths and synergies towards industrial development of our country, we solicit your participation ensuring that it will be very beneficial to you and your organisation and here invite you to be the member of an esteemed organisation. 

All India Association of Industries (AIAI) has been serving the trade and industry. Under the dynamic leadership of Late Shri Babubhai M. Chinai (M.P), the AIAI was established in 1956, which is today the leading association of industries in India’s commercial capital.

It may not be out of context to mention that the Department of Post and Telegraph, Mumbai Region, Government of India released a “Special Cover“of AIAI to commemorate AIAI’s 55 years of service to the trade and industry, which has contributed to the economy and industrial development of India

Now in its 64th year of service to trade and industry, we solicit your unstinted support as we take various steps to provide you with information and business support through our webinars and other virtual interactions with policy makers, industry experts and other eminent personalities who can guide and advise you on mitigating the challenges which MSMEs will face in these volatile and uncertain times.

AIAI membership spans across a wide spectrum of industries with a strength of over 1400 direct membership and over 60 affiliated regional Chambers and trade bodies with an indirect membership of over 1,00,000.

Over 70% of the membership represents the SME Sector. As SMEs are a vital component of every economy, AIAI endeavours to support and strengthen the SMEs by helping them to integrate in the global supply chains. AIAI assists SMEs to accelerate their business network globally by identifying reliable business partners through our network in over 50 countries.  

Our activities are directed towards facilitating and fostering SME growth through seminars, workshops, trade fairs, business meetings, trade delegations from overseas and also mounting delegations from amongst our members to other countries. AIAI provides information on domestic and international trade, investment, technology and innovation. 

AIAI has signed over 295 agreements for co-operation with International Trade Promotion bodies and Chambers of Commerce across the world. This highlights our mission to promote international trade, enhance exchange of trade related information and trade delegations, foster joint ventures and technological alliances and thus contribute towards the process of globalization. 

AIAI represents members of various national and regional Government bodies and the Reserve Bank of India for redressal of issues pertaining to its members. 

We also had the   privilege to host business meetings with International dignitaries, Senior Government Officials, acclaimed economists, bankers, high ranking business delegations from overseas.  

 "APPP" The Association of Private Power Producers was established under the Thai Trade Association Act, B.E. 2509, on the 18th of May 2000. The key objectives of APPP are:

  • To cooperate with the government in the development of power sector including the rules and the regulations associated with the industry.
  • To be the center of information exchange for the members.
  • To promote better technologies, researches within the generation industry.

Our main policy is to provide support and good cooperation to all government agencies to ensure the sustainable growth of the power generation industry in Thailand.

The Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) was established in 2012 by Canadian private sector companies operating in ASEAN, at the request of Canada’s Minister of International Trade through Global Affairs Canada, at the first ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) consultation with Canada in Cambodia. It is the pre-eminent organisation with an ASEAN region-wide mandate to promote and increase trade relations between Canada and ASEAN.

As the voice of the private sector, the mission of the CABC is to facilitate increased trade and investment in the Canada-ASEAN economic corridor through policy advocacy, networking, and education. The CABC currently represents about 60 leading companies doing business or investing between Canada and ASEAN.

For nearly 80 years, the EIC has devoted it's time to working closely with energy industries around the world. We help companies, large and small, to maximise business opportunities - whether sourcing or supplying goods and services. We are proud to be the UK's largest energy trade association, as well as one of the world's largest, and we hugely value the ever-more diverse community of world-class businesses within our membership, providing powerful global access and influence. EIC membership has shown rapid growth this past year and we now have over 750 members in more than 27 countries around the world. Our goal is to put our members first and serve them well, providing market intelligence, networking opportunities as well as brand visibility.

It is an engineering professional association which combines 5 main organizations in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity. which consists of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Metropolitan Electricity Authority Provincial Electricity Authority, Electricity Generating Public Company Limited and RATCH Group Public Company Limited, with the following objectives:

  • Promote technology in the electrical industry of Thailand
  • exchange of knowledge, experience, technology research in all branches of engineering
  • build a good relationship and promote unity between members

The Energy for Environment Foundation (EforE) is an independent non-profit making organization, founded on 15 June 2000. The foundation was founded by Dr. Piyasvasti Amranand who currently is the Chairman of the EforE's Board. The major objectives are to forge ahead with the implementation of activities in support of the government’s energy policy, particularly those concerning promotion and dissemination of domestic renewable energy utilization, via disseminating relevant knowledge, concepts and technologies, and to promote greater use of biomass of which supply sources are abundant in the country in order to reduce the use of fossil energy which has to be imported. In view of the above-mentioned, the “Biomass Clearinghouse” has been established under the management of E for E to dedicatedly promote greater use of biomass to generate energy, via carrying out various activities to reduce constraints of and barriers to biomass utilization for power and heat generation, and also to encourage efficient use of energy.

The emblem of EforE is the Supra Mundane on the Pho Tree. The Supra Mundane symbolizes the campaigns and efforts stimulating public awareness of the significance of proper use of energy, while the Pho Tree signifies nature and the environment.

The Energy Research Institute (ERI) was established as an institute under Chulalongkorn University on April 18th, 1991, based on the university's policy of emphasizing research as equal to teaching and learning, as well as addressing energy issues following the 1973 and 1979 world energy crises. To begin, an energy research committee was formed to identify and promote energy-related research. Later, in 1982, it was renamed the Energy and Training Center, and in 1991, it became the Energy Research Institute (ERI).

ERI has been conducting activities such as policy research on energy and environmental issues, as well as providing academic services to the public in the fields of energy efficiency and conservation, as well as alternative energy, since that time. These activities have been mainly supported by government agencies, international agencies, and private sector.

Furthermore, ERI has been involved in climate change and CDM Business Opportunities issues with the goal of assisting Thailand in promoting clean energy projects.

With all of the above-mentioned activities, the institute has built up strong networks with key institutions related to energy and environment, not only government agencies, private sector, and universities in Thailand, but also international agencies. Moreover, it works closely with government organizations, especially the Ministry of Energy and the three electric utilities.

The Global CCS Institute is an international think-tank backed by governments, businesses and NGOs and our mission is to accelerate the deployment of CCS globally.
Working with our Members, we drive the adoption of CCS as quickly and cost effectively as possible by sharing expertise, building capacity and providing information, advice, and advocacy to ensure this clean technology plays its vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are globally recognized and sought after as the premier CCS body. We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Washington DC, London, Brussels, Beijing, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo.

UN Global Compact Network Thailand (UNGCNT) is a local network of UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. UNGCNT was officially launched in December 2018, by 15 founding companies from the needs for peer-to-peer support and cooperation in order to meet the global standards for corporate sustainability.

Our work focuses on four significant areas: Human rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-corruption, and alignment with 17 SDGs. We help companies of all sizes, from all sectors, in cutting through complexity throughout their sustainability journey, and help them understand what responsible business means within different national, cultural and language contexts and facilitate outreach, learning, policy dialogue, collective action and partnerships. Through us, companies can make local connections with other businesses and stakeholders from the United Nations, government, NGOs and academia, and receive guidance to put their sustainability commitments into action.

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association of Singapore (HFCAS) was formed in 2019 to provide a united voice of the industry. It also signals our intention to support the hydrogen and fuel cell development and deployment in Singapore. HFCAS is actively championing the development of codes and standards for safe use of hydrogen; developing training courses to equip our workforce with the necessary skillsets for hydrogen related applications; raising public awareness on hydrogen through outreach programmes, all of which to support the use of hydrogen in Singapore as a major decarbonisation pathway to support our transition towards net zero by 2050.

The Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF) is an international industry support organization composed of senior executives and decision-makers heading up firms with energy and power business commitments across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

We are an active catalyst for positive change with a unique “fraternal” organizational atmosphere. We cover all key areas and sectors relating to power generation: Gas, Coal, Bio-Mass, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Geo-Thermal, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Security, Equipment, Infrastructure, Alternatives, Renewable and Sustainable Technologies, IoT / IT, etc.

The IPPF also leads the “New Energy” parade for Energy Efficiencies (EESCO’s), Pollution Prevention (P2/E2), GHG Trading, Energy Security, Waste-to-Energy, Standby Power, Smart Grid, Distribution / Transmission, Restructuring.

Formed to support and drive the implementation of sustainable supply chains through innovation and technology, MASSCI advocates, educates and activates the future of connected business in a post pandemic world.

New Energy Nexus (NEX) is an international non-profit that supports clean energy entrepreneurs and startups with access to funding, business accelerators, and networks. We operate programs in the USA , China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Uganda and Nigeria.


The Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) is a neutral, independent, non-profit organization established in September 1985, with a mission to foster better understanding of the petroleum, petrochemical, and related industries in Thailand with emphasis on human resources development, information services, technical services, public policy and regulatory support, to ensure sustainable development and competitiveness of the industry and the country.

With continuous support from government, academic and private sectors, PTIT has over the years earned recognition as an instrumental advocate of accurate and timely information, social responsibility, as well as multilateral dialogue among concerned parties for the promotion of sound and practical policies and regulations.


A technology Alliance found on September 24, 2020 to promote collaboration on research, development and innovation for the advancement of energy storage in Thailand.


  • A leading platform for networking and collaboration between researchers and innovators on energy storage related technologies in ASEAN.


  • Promote research and development of affordable and sustainable energy storage technologies for clean and efficient power system and EV in Thailand.
  • Create linkage between energy storage researchers/developers and producers/users.
  • Provide facts and figures to decision makers and business leaders and raise public awareness regarding energy storage technologies in Thailand.

Thai Biodiesel Producer Association was established since June 9, 2010 under the cooperation of biodiesel producers who have common interest in supporting the use of biodiesel.

Its main objectives are to promote biodiesel-related enterprises, biodiesel production to meet quality standards, and sufficient supply for domestic demand. Moreover, it cooperates closely with the government, and represent biodiesel industry in many government forums, and committees.

The Thai Shipbuilding and Repairing Association was formed on December 30,1976, when it registered with The Trade Association Registration Office as the “Thai Shipbuilders and Repairers Association”. The first office was at the headquarters of Bangkok Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited, located at 492 Trok Tonpoh, Charoenkrung Road, Yanawa, Bangkok. The 12 co-founding members of the Association as in the following:
1. Bangkok Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd.
2. Suntaree Trading Limited Partnership
3. Sahaisant Co., Ltd.
4. Royal Trade Co., Ltd.
5. Karn Chang Neramitr Limited Partnership
6. Thavisin Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
7. Bangkok United Trade Tech Co., Ltd.
8. Songserm Service Co., Ltd.
9. Banglampoo Lang Dock Co., Ltd.
10. Captain Co., Ltd.
11. R. S. Engineering Co., Ltd.
12. Oriental Marine and Laminates Co., Ltd.

The present location of the Association is at 9,11 Rama 2 Soi 30, Rama 2 Rd.,Bangmod, Jomthong, Bangkok 10150.

The objectives in establishing the Association are to set up a center for coordination and meetings of members to change opinions and information, and to jointly solve any possible problems. The Association also acts as a representative of members in contacting government agencies concerned for any privileges and fairness.

Thai Sugar and Bio-Energy Producers Association (TSEA) was established on September 6, 1971, formerly known as the Thai Sugar Producers Trade Association. Its initial objective was to promote and support enterprises related to sugar production and trade.

Thai Wind Energy Association is a non-profit membership-based trade association.

Embracing the wind sector of Thailand, join forces Thai and international members from related organizations, institutes and companies. ThaiWEA works for the promotion and deployment of wind energy technology in Thailand.

– Provides a platform for the communication and cooperation of all wind energy.
– Advises and influences Thai national governments and international organizations.
– Enhances international technology transfer and offer advisory and investment.

Our Goals
– Increase negotiation power among members to deal with Thai government agencies, regulators and policy makers.
– Foster the development of Thailand based businesses associated with wind energy production focus on provincial small – medium wind farm projects.
– Boost opportunities for foreign investment in Thailand clean energy by implementing prefeasibility study and feasibility study.
– Offer access to data bank source of long term reference data for wind energy developers and wind farm production statistic in Thailand.
– Provide industry guidance and technical support with a cost-effective and stable alternative energy source with promotion of data/cost-sharing.
– Present a forum and seminar for key players to discuss concerns, analyze ideas and determine economic incentives and environmental benefit related to wind energy development.
– Attract wind energy manufacturing to extend higher technology of how to produce more electricity at lower wind speed.
– Encourage the linkage of wind energy to the capabilities in research and various knowledge transfer training programs, technical, engineering and other fields in Thailand higher education system.
– Promote the use of wind energy by persuading agricultural landowners to participate in leasing their lands for wind farm projects development.
– Supply input to Thai local, state, and national government relative to wind/alternative energy policy and regulation.
– Produce educational media to reach out to Thailand rural communities; Provincial Administrative Offices, SMEs, Cooperative Business Groups.

The Thailand Environment Institute Foundation

"To be a leading organization in environment with respect to international standard, adhering to be nonpartisan organization that helps promote sustainable development. "

  • Making recommendations on national environmental policy, strategy, and direction;
  • Making recommendations on national environmental policy, strategy, and direction;
  • Enhancing capability for sustainable natural resources and environmental management;
  • Enhancing capability for sustainable natural resources and environmental management;
  • Enhancing capability for sustainable natural resources and environmental management;
  • Enhancing capability for sustainable natural resources and environmental management;

The Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) is a non-profit, non-governmental, organization, focusing on environmental and sustainable development issues. It was established in May 1993 in order to drive sound environmental policies; assist community on natural resources management; raise public awareness on environmental and sustainable development; and provide training to strengthen environmental management capacity. TEI strives to develop knowledge; serve as a reliable and modern sources of information; and promote collaboration and coordination among multi-sectoral partners on the environment and sustainable development.

Collaborating closely with its partners such as private sectors, government agencies, local communities, civil society partners, academia and international organizations, TEI has been contributing to a number of environmental policy formulation and implementation, and meaningful sustainable development progress in Thailand.

In response to the intensified and widespread impacts of climate change to the economy and society and in recognition of the imperative to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Thailand, the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization or TGO was established in 2007 as an autonomous public organization in accordance with Thai law to manage and expedite development and implementation of greenhouse gas reduction projects and support public, private and international organization partnerships to promote implementation of climate action.

The Royal Decree on the Establishment of TGO B.E. 2550 was amended in 2019 to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of TGO in carrying its missions and mandate to support greenhouse gas management in Thailand in line with evolving international climate change regime, as well as accommodating the amended Public Organization Act B.E. 2542 (amended B.E. 2550).

The Institute of Industrial Energy (IIE) is established on September 9, 1999 to provide services and support members of The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) to carry out energy conservation activities efficiently and effectiveness. IIE receives Outstanding Award on energy conservation promoter 2005 (Thailand Energy Awards 2005) from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy. This award is given to organization that promote and support energy conservation.


Activities and Services

  • Energy conservation promotion in the industrial sector
  • Training, Seminars, Technologies and Energy Management transfer
  • Organization of energy conservation factory visits
  • Audit and In-house Training
  • ESCO Information Center
  • Organizing special energy activities
  • Executive Energy Program (EEP)
  • Annual seminar: Energy Symposium
  • Energy conservation projects in the industrial sector
  • Public relations energy information on website, Facebook Fanpage and ‘Energy Focus’ magazine

TPVA – Thai Photovoltaic Industries Association, founded since 2012, has been representing members who do business along the whole solar PV value chain: from cells and module manufacturing to systems development and PV electricity generation as well as marketing and sales. TPVA’s mission is to give its national membership a distinct and effective voice, making efforts to coordinate with several sectors and help the country to succeed in its alternative energy development plan.