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7-9 May 2025
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand
7-9 May 2025, QSNCC, Bangkok
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Asia is poised to become the world’s largest energy consumer. Projections for rapid economic and population growth in the Asian region suggest it will account for up to half of total global energy demand by 2050.

As the world seeks to meet the critical objectives of low carbon societies and decarbonised energy ecosystems, whilst addressing the trilemma of security, affordability and sustainability, how Asia rises to the challenge will shape the global energy landscape of tomorrow.

Asia must therefore play a leading role in supercharging a just global energy transition through strengthening international cooperation on policies, action on funding initiatives and the development of technology solutions that can enable a future of clean, affordable energy access and sustainable economic growth for all.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Energy, Thailand and co-hosted by PTT Group and EGAT, the Future Energy Asia 2024 Exhibition and Summit, incorporating Future LNG Asia and Future Mobility Asia, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 15 – 17 May 2024, convening over 22,000 international energy professionals, investors, and innovators to influence, support and deliver Asia’s clean energy vision.

Once again serving as the platform to showcase Asia’s energy transition and clean mobility mission on the global stage, Future Energy Asia 2024 is more than an annual international industry event; it is a collective call to action for Asia to harness the immense potential of its own transformation journey.

Join us this May and be a part of the crucial public and private sector dialogues and cross-sector industry partnerships that will help enable Asia to lead the world on the pathway to secure, affordable and sustainable energy generation.

Asia – The World’s Energy Demand Centre 


Asia is expected to require nearly $3 trillion of cumulative energy investment to realise a sustainable pathway by 2040. Multiple energy projects across Asia have embarked on this journey making the region a leading energy demand centre.


By 2030 Southeast Asia will be the 4th largest economy in the world. The region will increasingly drive Global Energy trends and is critical to the post COVID growth mission.


Energy demand in Southeast Asia has grown by 80% since 2000, at a rate far exceeding the global average. This rapid growth has maintained pace during the pandemic and is poised to accelerate in 2022.


US$60 billion annually needs to be invested in the region's power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to meet this growth in electricity demand.