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7-9 MAY 2025
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand
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In an era where sustainable development is not just a goal but a necessity, Asia stands at the forefront of a global shift. The Asia Pacific region is the world’s most significant energy market, already accounting for almost 50% of global energy consumption. With projections for rapid economic and population growth in the coming decades, as the world seeks to meet the critical objectives of low carbon societies and decarbonised energy ecosystems, how Asia Pacific’s nations and markets rise to the challenge, whilst also addressing the trilemma of energy security, affordability and sustainability, will shape the global energy landscape of tomorrow.

With unique economic and geographic advantages, Asia is well placed to define the future of global energy, however, this transformation requires an unprecedented new roadmap for innovation, investment, and international cooperation.

Now in its seventh successful year, Future Energy Asia, co-located with Future Mobility Asia, is being held in Bangkok from 7-9 May 2025, representing a beacon for change and platform for innovation in the heart of Southeast Asia.

The exhibitions, supported by multi-stream conferences, will gather and inspire policymakers, industry leaders, and technology innovators from across the globe to forge a path towards an integrated and resilient energy future.

Join us as we continue to shape the energy transition, leading Asia on this journey through the opportunities of Asia - driving economic prosperity, enhancing energy security, and ensuring sustainable development for all.

Together, we can transform our energy systems, create groundbreaking business opportunities, and provide affordable energy access to millions, setting a global benchmark for energy innovation.



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The Exhibition will serve as a dynamic showcase of the latest technologies and solutions that support the diversification of energy supplies and enhance regional energy security. Exhibitors will present advancements in hydrogen technology, smart subsidies, and other innovative energy solutions that align with the Asia’s shift towards sustainable and low-emission energy sources. Through the exhibitions, visitors will explore the necessary infrastructure developments to support the projected increase in electrification within Asian economies.

Strategic Summit (resized).png
Strategic Summit

The Strategic Summit epitomises Asia’s leadership in shaping global energy solutions, concentrating on actionable outcomes and scalable impact. This summit is a critical platform for world leaders and policymakers to engage in comprehensive discussions addressing the vital aspects of accelerated and capital-efficient decarbonisation. Through a series of high-level panel sessions, the summit will delve into the strategic pillars underpinning the energy transition, focusing on how initiatives in the region are setting the pace for national and global energy futures.

Mobility Conference (resized).png
Mobility Conference

The Mobility Conference unites C-level executives and visionaries from the global value chain to explore key strategic trends and cutting-edge technological advancements shaping the future of mobility. Cutting through the noise to address the critical trends, opportunities and obstacles in the transition towards sustainable transportation and net zero emissions, the Mobility Conference will cover critical themes underpinning the transformation from the perspectives of major mobility markets.

Leadership Roundtables (resized).png
Leadership Roundtables

Here, leaders will discuss strategies to reshape the energy map, ensuring future energy security and meeting the burgeoning demand from rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Discussions will also focus on changing the trajectory of ASEAN economies through innovative green energy policies and recalibrating policy roles to attract crucial
foreign investment.

Technical Conference (resized).png
Technical Conference

The Technical Conference will delve into the practical aspects of adapting existing hydrocarbon sources to align with the new directions in emissions scopes and exploring decarbonisation strategies. It will spotlight the significant opportunities arising in the storage technology markets, forecasted to reach trillions by 2050, and discuss removing regulatory and commercial barriers to boost regional renewable capacities. The conference will also explore new business models essential for competitiveness as alternative energy sources gain traction.

Decarbonisation Zone (resized).png
Decarbonisation Zone with Decarbonisation Stage

The global challenge of climate change, coupled with rising energy demand, calls for urgent, collective action and game-changing solutions and partnerships. Every government, industry, business and individual has a role to play in decarbonising quicker and creating the energy system of the future, faster, while safeguarding energy security and
ensuring nobody is left behind. It is against this backdrop that the Decarbonisation Zone is introduced at Future Energy Asia 2025, to unite industry, decision-makers, innovators and financiers to accelerate decarbonisation through innovation and collaboration.

Future of Transport Hub (resized).png
Future of Transport Hub with Innovation Stage

The Future of Transportation Zone represents the intersection of innovation and expertise, where sustainable mobility solutions take centre stage. Within this zone, visitors can explore electric and alternative fuel vehicles, witnessing firsthand the cutting-edge technologies that will shape our transportation landscape. On the integrated Innovation Stage, pioneering thought leaders will share insights and foster collaborative solutions, towards widespread adoption of environmentally friendly transportation options.

VIP (resized).png
VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge is a unique business-focused club connecting energy transition industry leaders, innovators, and influencers. Located on the exhibition floor, the VIP Lounge features a purpose-built private lounge providing a discreet space to network away from the media, alongside private meeting lounges, all offering first-class connectivity and hospitality.

Startup Zone (resized).png
Start-up zone

The Start-up Zone is where the energy sector’s most innovative minds will converge. This dedicated zone will serve as a launchpad for the region’s most promising energy startups, offering an unparalleled platform to present groundbreaking innovations and next-generation technologies to industry leaders and professionals.

International Pavilion (resized).png
International Pavilions

The Exhibition will play host to country pavilions, allowing each country to showcase the latest innovations, technological developments and strengths in their progress towards a net-zero future. Exhibiting at one of the pavilions lends an international appeal, offers an integrated world class environment for exhibitors to network, and provides an easy and cost-effective way for exhibitors to participate. The pavilions create a focal point for national participation, driving ROI for exhibitors, enhancing bilateral trade and creating opportunities to engage with over 26,000 global energy and mobility professionals.

A New Energy Roadmap

Leveraging the strength of the Asian market to build the systems of the future.

Building a Multifaceted Energy System.

Enabling a Pragmatic Energy Transition.

Integrating New Energy Sources.

Supporting Economic Growth Via Electrification.

Securing Energy Investment.

Reinventing Partnerships and Collaborations.

The Ambition

To position Asia as a global leader in sustainable energy by transforming our energy systems, enabling economic growth, and ensuring equitable energy access across the region. We envision a future where our collective action sets an international standard for environmental stewardship and economic resilience, making Asia the epitome of innovation and collaboration in the energy sector.

The Mission

To amplify Asia’s unique economic growth advantages by advancing a pragmatic, just energy transition. We aim to bring together the energy leaders and innovators who will establish a resilient, new Asian energy system built on a diverse blend of sources and climate technology solutions. Through forging new partnerships across borders, policymakers, markets, and industries, we strive to deliver affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy access for all.

The Outcomes

  • Empowering Asia's sustainable growth.
  • Pioneering pragmatic environmental innovations.
  • Forging tomorrow's energy alliances today.


The Platform

Unifying Energy, Mobility, and LNG Leadership as a driving force of business evolution

Taking place from 7-9 May 2025 in Bangkok, this will be a pivotal, world class event dedicated to reshaping Southeast Asia’s energy landscape. The Future Energy Asia and Future Mobility Asia exhibitions and conferences gathers global experts to address sustainable energy solutions under the theme Transforming the Asian energy system, enabling economic growth, business opportunities and accessible, affordable energy for all. 

This congress serves as the annual platform for showcasing technological advancements, facilitating strategic partnerships, and exploring investment opportunities that promote economic prosperity and energy security across the region. Attendees, including policymakers, investors, industry leaders, and innovators, will engage in meaningful discussions, experience cutting-edge exhibitions, and develop essential partnerships for a pragmatic, just energy transition.