20-22 July 2022 | BITEC, Bangkok(Thailand)

Meet Asia’s Energy Leaders Live and Connect with Multi-billion Project Investment Opportunities

Future Energy Asia is Asia’s leading energy transition and transformation exhibition and summit. Officially hosted by the Ministry of Energy Thailand and co hosted by EGAT and PTT, the exhibition and summit will take place live and in-person at BITEC, Bangkok (Thailand) from 20 - 22 July 2022.

As we look to 2022, investment and demand growth are all set to accelerate. Future Energy Asia 2022 is best placed to connect you to the leading Asian Energy stakeholders and buyers driving the region’s energy transition mission forward.

The exhibition and conference will be attended by Energy Ministers, Policy Makers, Energy Majors including NOCs and IOCS, Power Generation authorities, midstream gas and LNG players, EPCs and Project Consultants and renewable energy developers. The conference will advance innovation and collaboration with the participation of key energy stakeholders, project developers, policy makers and Ministers.

Participate in Future Energy Asia 2022 and network with key decision makers from across the globe.

Asia – The World’s Energy Demand Centre 


Asia is expected to require nearly $3 trillion of cumulative energy investment to realise a sustainable pathway by 2040. Multiple energy projects across Asia have embarked on this journey making the region a leading energy demand centre.


By 2030 Southeast Asia will be the 4th largest economy in the world. The region will increasingly drive Global Energy trends and is critical to the post COVID growth mission.


Energy demand in Southeast Asia has grownby 80% since 2000, at a rate far exceeding the global average. This rapid growth has maintained pace during the pandemic and is poised to accelerate in 2022.


US$60 billion annually needs to be invested in the region's power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to meet this growth in electricity demand.