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7-9 MAY 2025
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand
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The Future Energy Asia call for papers offers an unparalleled opportunity for technical experts and executives to speak at Asia’s rapidly growing energy transition conference.

Abstracts will be peer reviewed by leading energy experts ensuring quality and relevance of selected papers.

Successful submissions will result in an invitation to present at Future Energy Asia 2024 Technical Conference. This offers a unique opportunity to:

  •  Shape the direction of the energy industry and drive pathways to a net-zero future.
  •  Expand your network and gain recognition among 2,000+ delegates from 70+ countries.
  •  Showcase your original thinking and technical and business insights on an international stage.
  •  Learn industry best practices and grow professionally.
  •  Enhance your profile among industry peers.
  •  Validate ideas and gather feedback during Q&A sessions.


The selection process begins once all papers have been submitted via our Call for Papers online portal. Your abstracts should be submitted no later than Friday, 27 October 2023. The guidelines below will help you craft the perfect application.


  •  The abstract title should clearly and accurately describe the presentation’s primary content in a concise manner in 50 words or less.
  •  Abstracts should include up to 500 words and be written in English. Any entry submitted in a different language will not be considered.
  •  Summarise the scope and nature of the work upon which the abstract is based, e.g., field data, lab data, original analysis, etc.
  •  Describe the possible application and significance of the information provided in the abstract.
  •  Summarise the results and major conclusions to be presented, and how these differ from previous work on the same subject.
  •  Figures, graphs, diagrams, illustrations and/or tables should be used to enhance the technical committee’s understanding of the abstract. Captions and any necessary contextual information to understand the data will not count towards the word limit.


  •  Use the category and sub-category listing to indicate the theme that best describes the abstract.
  •  Please do not submit the same abstract more than once. If you believe your abstract is relevant to multiple categories, please select one that is the best fit.
  •  One person can submit multiple abstracts within the same category or across multiple categories. However, please do not submit the same or slightly modified abstracts multiple times, as duplicate entries will be removed.
  •  If you have presented an abstract at another conference previously, you can still submit for Future Energy Asia 2024 Technical Conference. However, you will need to provide details of when and where it was presented before and look to include updated material since original presentation.


  •  Abstracts must be accompanied by a presenter profile. Each presentation can have only one presenter.
  •  All presenters will receive complimentary access to all three days of the Technical Conference sessions. However, any co-authors are required to purchase a pass if they would like to attend.
  •  The proposed speaker should be a good orator who can successfully convey and present information to an international audience in a live and interactive setting.

Management Clearance

  •  Prior to abstract submissions, management clearance must be obtained. Any issues concerning clearance should be outlined when the abstract is submitted.
  •  The organisers will take no responsibility for any expenses related to speaker participation at the Future Energy Asia Technical Conference. Speakers must make their travel, lodging and other necessary arrangements.


  •  Your abstract should not use language that is commercial in tone in the title, text, or attachments. The use of such terms will result in scrutiny by the Technical Committee and may result in exclusion from the evaluation process.


Abstracts selected for presentation are chosen by the Future Energy Asia Technical Committee to ensure the conference supports research of the highest standards.

Abstracts are reviewed and graded in the online portal against the eligibility criteria that includes:


  • Does the abstract offer a new angle or dimension to the chosen topic?
  • Does it demonstrate new and innovative updates or advances that are not yet widely known?
  • Does it offer useful updates, progress, or new information?
  • Does it meet the highest quality of the technical information provided? Is the data in the abstracts correct in terms of technical applications?


  • Is the abstract relevant to the Future Energy Asia audience or to the industry now?
  • Will it demonstrate the latest attitudes in thinking, innovation, or delivery?


  • What industry or organisational impact does the abstract have? 

Interest and relevance

  • Will the topic be of interest to the Future Energy Asia audience and the energy industry?

A meeting of the Technical Committee will be convened in November 2023 to review the results of the online voting process following which authors will be notified on the status of their submissions.

All authors who submitted their abstracts will receive an email in December 2023 stating if their abstracts have been accepted or not.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be required to prepare PowerPoint presentations for which detailed instructions will be sent once acceptance to speak has been received.

Future Energy Asia does not require authors to submit their technical papers (manuscripts), as we do not publish these.